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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Anyone else getting that winter itch to head out somewhere warm and sunny? ✈️🏖 If you are going on vacation, here are some easy tips to save on your energy bills and to keep your house safe. 📍 - turn your water heater down to the vacation setting 📍 - turn off your water at the main water shut off. Coming home to a burst pipe is a terrible way to end a vacation. 📍 - reprogram your thermostat to lower temperatures, I would recommend not going below 13 degrees Celsius. If you are in an older home with exposed piping there would be a risk of the pipes freezing if you go too low. 📍 - unplug electronics including plug in air fresheners, this will save electricity but also lower the risk of fires 🛠 PRO TIP - when you are going on vacation the best plan is to have someone come by and check on your place every day or so. Unfortunately that may not feasible for all of us, if you are going away for an extended time period check with your insurance company that you will be fully covered. Many policies have a requirement to extend coverage when you are away for longer periods.

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